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As seen through the eyes of our clients

“RAPSI offers something beyond professional and personal growth, beyond contemporary paradigms of faith and beyond our current understanding of the existential. It stands as an exciting development in the business of living. With compassion intelligence and integrity, Eileen and Clive deliver something truly special – a groundbreaking understanding of the nature of the human condition.”
Dr. David Cliff
founding member of the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy
“I am writing a bio for my Yoga school and would like to include a small description of our work together and your names. If this is ok ? I’ve been hired by the school to travel with them to help students heal trauma and learn to teach yoga! Talk about the power of RAPSI!”
Erin M.  
|  6 Sessions to dissolve the memories and pain of drug addiction and early life trauma and its effects.  Florida, USA
"Surprisingly simple and effective.  a great weight that I've been carrying all my life has lifted.  I can't believe it.  What can i say? I feel completely different and yet the same.  The real me."
Sarah Zimin  
|  Natanya, Israel. Workshop and  2 personal sessions
"It has changed my understanding of healing; I have experienced healing which I had not thought was possible on this side of the grave.  Certain wounds are healed now as I explore new landscapes of the soul using RAPSI techniques. No longer is healing a cessation of physical, mental or emotional symptoms, only for them to reappear in another guise elsewhere. it is a healing of the spirit."
Dr. Adel Markovic
|  MBChb and RAPSI Practitioner
“RAPSI is the missing piece that connects energy and matter.  The process uses words, but always tries to go beyond the rigid boundaries of words, to connect with the energy behind them.  In a way, all psychotherapy aims to do this, but usually gets stuck in the words, never going beyond the story-mind.  The missing piece is to use words to go beyond themselves.”
Reinhard Kowalski  
|  Author, consultant, clinical psychologist, practicing psychotherapist, Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society.  Had 4 sessions, London UK
“The Ravenscroft Approach (to psycho-spiritual integration) goes significantly beyond NLP and other modalities in technique and theory, in that it focuses not on the relatively superficial structure of the mind and its modeling, but attends to the deep energetic infrastructure of consciousness and a wholistic technique of unifying the mind’s fragmented consciousness.”
Dr Greg Hitter, PhD
|  Author, consultant, clinical psychologist, practicing psychotherapist, Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society.  Had 4 sessions, London UK
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get what I came for?

At first, we provide you with a 1 ½ to 2-hour session, towards the end of this session we ask your 'system' (consciousness, day-to-day, and subconscious in other dimensions) how many sessions they will need to accomplish their goals. The spontaneous answer is often accurate and ranges from 2-6 or 8 sessions. However, if you feel that you need or want more sessions, we will respect your decision and provide them.

How long will what I achieve, at the end of my sessions, last?

This is a process; it is like peeling the layers of an onion but more freeform. We will use a subjective number score (1 to 10) to measure how you feel as we move towards the desired outcome.We also use the analogy of starving birdies in a nest which is; when you feed one or two hungry birds in a nest the others sensing food would chirp louder.  So each session can bring up the next item to explore and resolve until all are dealt with. Some clients get to their 10 quickly and after 2 months, report that they still feel at peace. Some others take a study, still swift path, by conventional standards but each has the potential to reach the end.

I have been to other psychotherapists near me, and nothing changed, are you sure this will work for me?

Yes, if you are willing to stick with the program. We have been described as relentless in our helping clients journey to find their missing energy and by psychotherapy definition, this should be the norm. There is however ‘The Negative Dependency Syndrome’ which we named, where a client may seem to hold onto negative feelings and behaviors, because they may experience some small benefit from doing so, or because it is familiar.The Unconscious Equation which Eileen identified shows the illogical bottom line.  E.G.  “I hold onto fear in order to feel safe”  “I hold onto anger in order to find peace”. Resolving these patterns helps the majority of clients achieve their goals.

Do I have to solve all issues in one series of sessions?

Except for issues that are yet to present themselves it is usually best to resolve them immediately as they surface, although some clients choose to do their work with gaps in between.  One client came for help with finding a partner, all went well and she got married.  She came back because as a late-in-life parent, IVF was not working for her.  She was at age 54 then, at age 56 her twins were born and they are now of High School age.  She was the one who taught Eileen ‘Hug Therapy!’Sometimes, we have clients who have physical symptoms like MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or Cancer and they may need to undo their holding pattern even though their illness is already established.  A while ago we had an MS patient who already in a wheelchair found the point where as a child after many moves due to being kidnapped imprinted the words ‘I want to Stop Moving’ and her body obliged. After undergoing therapy the MS was halted and she is currently a Therapist.We have seen so many recoveries that we believe working at the deep energy level can complement treatment such as healing emotional wounds from childhood, recovery from any emotional, mental, physical or spiritual disease. And we have a 12-month study 2018/2019 that is designed for continuous work on that belief.

I feel seriously anxious. Is this normal?

Yes, if you feel some sort of first-time anxiety when venturing into a new journey this is by psychotherapy definition completely normal. And if it is in excess we will note it down and work on it.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. Our Privacy terms are covered on the questionnaire that you will complete. We are required to keep information for a number of years, after which it is safely destroyed. Confidentiality and trust are the foundations of a Psychotherapy Practice and our 30+ years of client referrals point to how we value this.