Terms of Service

Our aim

It is our aim to help the Client discover the basis for their presenting problem, understand the positive intention, find the underlying holding pattern and to facilitate them in releasing it. The Client is enabled to make relevant new choices and with our help, to initiate their own healing and an improved quality of life.

Confidentiality & Ethics

We abide by the code of ethics and rules of confidentiality guidelines published by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) in the UK and expressed in full by the Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy & Counselling Association (NLPtCA), a validating member organization of UKCP and the body to which questions of Ethics or Practice can be directed. Session Notes and Client details are kept for at least 4 years as required under the code and in an appropriate manner in keeping with the UK Data Protection Act. We may follow-up with a client after the sessions have been completed to check the client’s progress.

Our fee structure

Our fees are calculated on the time that we spend with clients and the pricing reflects the preparation, post-session reviews and the pro-active nature of the work. The session duration is governed by the piece of work that is to be completed. Our standard charges are at a rate of $150 for the first session, however long. For subsequent sessions, charges are $75 per hour for the first hour and $50 per hour thereafter and part of an hour to the nearest quarter hour. Telephone charges are added to telephone sessions if we make the call. Payment is normally made at the end of each session.Payment may be made in cash, or check payable to Eileen Watkins Seymour, or by payment into Wells Fargo account 1010014403064 Routing 063107513 – please send us the paying in a slip or email us when payment is made. If money is to be wired, please ask us for additional detailsIf full payment is difficult at each session, reduced payments may be made and the balance spread through time by either post-dated checks or a revolving payment via your bank. In the case of a revolving payment, there is a $100.00 per month minimum required payment, and full payment of all outstanding amounts must be made within six months from the date of the first session.There is a minimum 1-hour fee charged for any missed or canceled sessions without at least 2 working days notice (speaking to your therapist or in writing).

Contact us

If you have any questions about this disclaimer, you can contact us at: or our phone number: 561-351-9134

  • our email address: clive(AT)thequantumjockey.com
  • or our phone number: 561-351-9134